Rectangular Tubes
ASTM A554, CNS 5802

Material: 304, 304L, 316L

Rectangular Stainless Steel Tube

The YC INOX’s ASTM A554 and CNS 5802 stainless steel rectangular tubes are unconventional tubes made of reliable materials such as 304, 304L, and 316L steels. Buyers may choose the items with different outside diameter values according to their processing requirements, since YC INOX has arranged a wide variety of tube ODs for customer convenience.

Aside from the OD of the rectangular tubes, thickness is also a crucial variable for industrial users. There are 13 sets of thickness values. Buyers may choose the optimal one based on their considerations. Each thickness value has its own corresponding OD value, and those values are shown in the table. Buyers may refer to the table in this page.

Both the OD and the thickness are critical physical variables of the stainless steel square tubes in the industry. Buyers are given a high degree of autonomy with the tube specifications. It is worth mentioning that, with different choices of the OD and the corresponding thickness values, the tolerance values are also different. Please read the tolerance table carefully before purchasing.


ASTM A554 and CNS 5802 tubes are excellent structural stainless steel rectangular tubes for using in ornamental, structural, exhaust, and other applications where appearance, mechanical properties or corrosion resistance is needed.


The application of these stainless steel rectangular tubes is used in mechanical and structural purpose.


Outside diameter is applicable to the tubes with an outside diameter mainly in the range between 10x20mm to 76.2x101.6mm, wide size range meets all kinds of mechanical and structural processing needs such as handrails, door knob and furniture etc.


Products are made of Austenitic series stainless steel, grades in MT-304, MT-304L and MT-316L are the options, durable quality is without doubt.


Variable surface suits for different surroundings or performance, different norms can be complied to correspond different demand of the market.


As a leading stainless steel round tubes manufacturer worldwide.

  • Serious quality control leads YC to be a reliable supplier.
  • Professional engineer and prompt after service to be your backup force.
  • Punctual delivery time make stock controlling well.
  • Tolerance is accordance with the norm, specific tolerance requirement is discussable.
  • Optional supplementary requirements are negotiated and provided.

ASTM A554, CNS 5802

Outside Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm)
0.8 0.9 1.0












4.0 4.57 5.0



in mm
- 10x20              
- 12x25                
- 10x(30/40/50)                
- 15x(25/30)/20x30              
3/4x1 1/2 19.05x38.1   Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ            
- 20x40              
- 22.4x28.3                
1x1 1/2 25.4x38.1/25x38     Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ        
- 30x(40/50)            
1x2 25.4x50.8/25x50            
- 30x60      
1x3 25.4x76.2/25x75              
- 20x(60/80)                  
- 40x60              
- 40x80/45x75          
- 45x95/50x100        
2x(3/4) 50.8x(76.2/101.6)        

(1)Marking:Product Spec.

(2)Finish:(: Polish#180);(Δ:Polish#180/#320);(☐:Polish#180/#320/#400)

Standard Outside Diameter Thickness Length
CNS 5802
  O.D. < 31.8mm ± 0.38mm
  31.8mm < O.D. ≦ 63.5mm ± 0.51mm
  63.5mm < O.D. ≦ 139.7mm ± 0.76mm
139.7mm < O.D. ≦ 203.2mm ± 1.52mm


± 10%


Definite Cut Lengths

CNS 5802  NO.1/NO.2/NO.3  CNS 5802

+ 50mm

- 0mm

Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubes

Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubes

Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubes