stainless steel strip coil


ASTM A240/A240M, A480/A480M,
JIS G4304/G4305, EN 10028-7/ 10088-2

Application: Medical equipment, Food industry, Construction material, Kitchen utensils, etc.

Introduction of stainless Steel Coil


Since its establishment in 1973, YC INOX has been at the forefront as the specialized stainless steel coil service center in the industry for over the past four decades.

The hot rolled stainless steel coil and the cold rolled stainless steel coil are excellent materials for cutting edge applications such as in transport, construction, shipbuilding, medical equipment, construction materials, and kitchen utensils.

With a wide variety of choices, customers may choose coils with different thicknesses, widths, and stainless steel grades based on their processing requirements.
Furthermore, there are various packagings available for customers to select from. Customers may select the suitable packaging for their delivery according to their budget and plans.
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YC INOX CO., LTD is a global leading stainless steel pipe & tube manufacturer.
Our professional manufacturing and engineering teams offer products with excellent and consistent quality to our clients all around world.
Our prompt after-sales services can always be relied on by our customers.
Our punctual delivery time makes stock control easy for our customers.
We offer product with tolerance complies with the norm (Specific tolerance requirement is possible. Please contact our sales specialists).
Specific mechanical tests are negotiable between seller and buyer.
Bundle packing or steel crate packing is available in accordance with clients' preference.
Optional supplementary requirements are negotiatable.

YC INOX, your best choice of stainless steel.

ASTM A240/A240M, A480/A480M, JIS G4304/G4305, EN 10028-7/ 10088-2

Product Type Finish Grade Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
Main Size Other Size Application
750 914 1000 1219 1250 1500 1524 2000
Coil NO.1 304/L, 316L 2.0 ≦ t<5.0     Upon Request Petro-chemical industry, Tanks.
5.0 ≦ t ≦ 10  
10.0<t ≦ 12.7    
430 2.0 ≦ t ≦ 6.0      
409,439 3.0 ≦ t ≦ 6.0      
2B 304L 3.5 ≦ t ≦ 5.0      
316L 3.5 ≦ t ≦ 4.0      
304/L, 316L 4.76 ≦ t ≦ 6.0            
304/L 0.4 ≦ t ≦ 3.0   Strip:
25mm Above
Medical equipment, Food industry, Construction material, Kitchen utensils, BBQ grill.
316L, 430 0.5 ≦ t ≦ 3.0  
409 0.5 ≦ t ≦ 3.0    
439 0.4 ≦ t ≦ 1.5    
1.5<t ≦ 2.5        
BA 304/L, 316L


1.Oil base wet polished

2.Both-sides polished available

3.PE Coating normal / laser film

Optional for Front / Back side


5.Package weight

CR Coil: 1.0~10.0mts

HR Coil:

(1)Thickness 3.0~6.0 mm:2~10 mts

(2)Thickness 7.0~10.0 mm:5~20 mts

(3)Thickness 12.0~12.7 mm:10~20mts



HR/CR Coil

HR/CR Coil

HR/CR Coil

HR/CR Coil