Stainless Steel Products

YC INOX, a stainless steel global seller and manufacturer mainly focus on stainless steel pipes, tubes, sheets, plates and coils. With foundation of excellent physical properties quality of the stainless steel materials, our expertise in stainless steel products is highly appraised by users all over the world. We have developed stainless steel pipes and sheets for various kinds of applications. These applications, when encountered with challenges during processing, are proven to be the forefront utilization of stainless steels in the industry.



YC INOX established in 1973, has been dedicating to stainless steel industry for over 45 years and has accumulated profound experience of stailness steel production. Purchasing from YC INOX is your best choice for stainless steel. The quality of our products and after service continue to lead our customers over the top, granting them excellent competence in their business. Clients are pleased with our streamlined stainless steel structure, and numerous positive feedback are given by our clients, which is precious for us on product development. Besides as a service center of stainless steel sheet, platet and coil, we also manufacture stainless steel tubes and pipes.


Concatenating comments of our products from clients worldwide for more than 45 years, YC INOX has collected numerous knowledge of stainless steel. Based on that knowledge, we have solid background of manufacturing stainless steel tubes and pipes. Also be the top one service center in Taiwan. Since we have never stopped the pace of research and development, YC INOX is able to move further in both production technology and quality, and provide exceptional services to our clients.