Environmental, Social, and Governance

Compliance with the governmental regulations

Achieving 2027 national effluent discharge standard of Nitrogen content by reducing the concentration of NO3-N via implementing Anaerobic Fluidized Bed (AFB) bioreactor.

Domestic wastewater recycling

Applying MBBR biological system to decompose the organic matter (BOD/COD) and ammonia nitrogen from domestic wastewater; using MBR / RO system and UV ozone disinfection system to achieve reused water quality standard in the mill.


Pure water recycling rate

Process wastewater recycling

Through the multi-stage desalination RO system, the process wastewater is recycled and concentrated multiple times to achieve wastewater recycling rate more than 90%.


Wastewater recycling rate

Waste Pickling Acid recycling

To minimize both the sludge and chemical consumption by using Waste Pickling Acid recycling system.


Waste Pickling Acid recycling efficiency

Establishment of bus shelters

Establishment of bus shelters in Pushing, Chang-Hua to make the commuting environment more comfortable and friendly for the elders and schoolchildren who rely on public transportation.

Pandemic Prevention

Participate in the activity of alcohol donation organized by the Guangning Charity Group in Chang-Hua. Donate pandemic prevention equipment to social welfare and police organizations to get through the pandemic together.

Smoke detector donation

Donate residential smoke detector to Chang-Hua Fire Department to improve residential safety.