Introduction of welding
Part B LBW & SAW


Laser Beam Welding(LBW)

Laser beam welding is a contactless welding method. There is no external force on the welded parts. Laser energy is highly concentrated. The metal can be cooled quickly after rapid heating, so thermal effects is negligible for many components. It can be considered no or minimal thermal deformation.
Laser beam welding uses a highly concentrated laser beam. There is a high energy density, so the welded pool is deep and welded spot is small.



Submerged Arc Welding(SAW)

The electric arc of submerged arc welding is generated inside the flux. The quality of submerged arc welding can be greatly improved as the flux blocks the effects of the atmosphere.
Smoke happened rarely because submerged arc welding is hidden under the flux. Submerged arc welding is suitable for using in large work pieces and pressure vessels in industry.