We design our supervisors' education curriculum based on their personalities and occupational demands. Our diversified incubation curriculum is not like cram school. 

New Staff Training For better accommodation to the YC Inox, we provide instant training programs for new staffs since their first day in YC Inox, which includes company protocol, environment introduction, product introduction, and occupational safety. With this program, staffs are able to fit into YC Inox and do their best.
OJT (On-the-job) With the internal staffs' share of experiences and knowledge, staffs in the same department achieve learning by doing.
Professional Training We offer full scholarship for staffs' education in order to improve their knowledge and skills so that our staffs are enhanced in both worldview and capability.
Management Training We offer a variety of management courses for supervisors so that they are able to execute projects and coordinate their team members. These courses help people to know how to make decisions and to solve problems.
In-house Lecturer Training We offer the opportunity to foster in-house lecturers. Those lecturers help teach courses and skills. Staffs are fostered in groups and participate in drill, helping each other.
General Education We offer courses for staffs, teaching them government policies and company protocols whenever it is needed.
Occupational Training for Employees at the Grass-roots Level We offer courses for employees at the grass-root level, teaching them production skills, equipment maintenance, and QC protocols. They are fostered to be more skillful at their production lines.